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Most of us know the names and stories of America’s immortal founding fathers like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

What many might not know is the name and story of the founder who was friends with each of those individuals and was involved in just about every major event in America’s founding from the Boston Tea Party, to the book Common Sense, the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and the creation of the Constitution.

Even with all of those accomplishments and famous friendships, what makes this founder stand out even more is that he was the only one who was a practicing medical doctor; and not just any doctor, but the most famous physician in country. And he would put his fame and skills to the test and his life on the line to help his country through war and the worst health epidemic the young nation had ever seen.

So sit back and enjoy the story and the focus of today’s episode, founding father, Dr. Benjamin Rush.

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